Portrait photo of Suzannah Dunn

Suzannah Dunn has enjoyed critical and commercial success for over 25 years, selling over a quarter of a million copies of her historical novels in the UK alone. She was picked by Julie Burchill for a ‘Best Under 40’ list of writers alongside Robert Harris, Edward St Aubyn and Helen Simpson, in response to Granta’s first list in 1993. Suzannah Dunn wrote six critically acclaimed contemporary novels and a short story collection before her first historical novel, The Queen of Subtleties, was published in 2004. Her distinctive Tudor novels provide a unique take on the period, telling the stories of extraordinary women living through extraordinary times.
Suzannah Dunn was Director of the MA in Novel Writing at Manchester University for six years. She is a popular speaker at literary festivals and events, with her witty, entertaining debunking of popular myths and preconceptions about the Tudors.