My latest work – A Changing Time

I’ve been working tirelessly on my next piece of work since the beginning of this year, and I’m pleased to announce that the time has almost come for it to be released. I always keep up to date with the latest releases on Goodreads but until my books are shared there, this is the place to stay informed.

As usual I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that I have stuck closely with the theme of my previous piece of work that my friends and family will be familiar with. I’m still yet to get anything published and I’m not entirely sure if I will. It seems awfully expensive and I don’t need a vanity sticker telling me my work is good enough.

I believe that my writing is for me and me alone, and it brings me such immense joy to write that any monetary gain is irrelevant. I’ve noted some further details for below for those of you that may be interested.


The title of my newest release is A Changing Time. The title was something that came to me quite easily which rarely happens. Usually I’ll write something first and then threat about the correct title for quite a while until something grabs me, but this time it wasn’t like that.

Why did I choose this title?

The book tells the story of a man that fell asleep in 1967 and awoke in 2017. Like many of you out there I have felt that the advances of this generation have completely overtaken anything we could have possibly imagined. I’ve structured the book so that it makes us question how much things have really changed in such a short period of time, and I was excited to explore that perspective from someone who awakens from a few previous decades.

What is the book about?

As I said the book explores what it would be like to fall asleep a few decades ago and wake up in 2017, but I do have a deeper meaning than this. I wanted to explore how technology has taken over our lives and how we have such a dependence on it now that simply didn’t exist before. I believe we introduced too much, too soon and have lost part of our vulnerability – the thing that makes us human.

When I will release the book

As usual I’ll be sending a copy over to my friends and family to read. If you’re interested in receiving a copy for yourself then contact me and I’ll email it once I’ve completed it. I’m hoping to have the book completed by mid year and welcome any opinions – even ones that contradict my argument.

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