Learning the local laws: Gun Safes & Peanuts!?

Arriving in a new destination is always a bit stressful – I would know by now. I’m basically a nomad. I’ve been out of the states for over a year and I have to say, it’s really made me question what is actually correct and what we consider to be correct. Let me explain.

A lot of people know about the US’s loose laws on guns. After all, it’s in the second amendment of the constitution which is frequently stated by those opposing any form of gun control. I grew up in an area which was a bit more conservative in their views about guns. Perhaps this was due to the close proximity of neighboring Canada, or perhaps it was due to the exceptionally low crime rate.

Either way, guns weren’t something I encountered much of. I did see guns, and I knew that they needed to be stored correctly to prevent any possible mishap which is why I was shocked when I suggested to a local friend that they use the best gun safe they could find from the gun safe reviews at bestgunsafeinfo.com. Apparently this isn’t something that locals have come to accept as necessary. So now my complaints about the US don’t seem nearly so bad – but is it bad? Have we been wrong all this time!? The locals here seem to take on a very relaxed view, and guess what… their statistics are BETTER than the US! What the $#*$!

So where do peanuts come in? I threw some at an elephant. He looked hungry, don’t blame me. Anyway I got in a fair bit of trouble from the local authorities. I wasn’t sure if this was against their culture, littering or they just didn’t like peanuts, but I did apologize even though I didn’t see what the big deal was. The elephants were amazing though.

While updating my blog, I’d also like to thank everyone who came and visited me at Bamboo Bar! I hope I wasn’t too nervous. My parents said they could sense my nerves from a mile away. I promise you I sound better in front of my mirror with my hair brush! For those that miss it, keep reading my blog and I’ll update you when my next performance will be.

Wherever you are around the world, take care!

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