Best Road Trips To Take in Thailand

One of the finest ways to explore Thailand’s stunning scenery and natural beauty is to go on a road trip. Traveling by car and seeing the beautiful sceneries and many local communities provides visitors with a glimpse of the Thai manner of living. You can rent a car in Thailand, or if you plan to visit the country more often, buying a new car can also be a great idea. 

Anyhow, having complete control over your itinerary allows you to stop whenever you want and do anything you want along the way. And the best thing is that selecting a hotel when traveling is simple and requires little research and planning.

Thailand’s picturesque routes mesmerize people with their tropical beauty and draw you closer to a distinct culture and lifestyle, despite the lack of large deserts, massive canyons, or high snow peaks. 

These well-known road trips are ideal for seeing the Land of Smiles since they provide a breathtaking sight of this tropical Southeast Asian country, Thailand. Aside from these, you must also explore the world-famous Thailand casinos

Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai museum and library, green trees, house with brown roof

Wave goodbye to the historic city of Ayutthaya and head north to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern capital. A drive from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai will take approximately seven hours. This will be a road trip to remember, and it should be a fairly easy drive.

The Wiang Kosai National Park and The Doi Khun Tan National Park, for example, are some of the national parks that tourists will encounter in this scenic route. Chiang Mai’s Lanna culture is also visible in the city’s architecture, marketplaces, and tribal communities.

The Doi Pui Village, a Hmong village that provides a peek into ancient hill tribal living, is also worth visiting. Most people will find knowing and understanding the heritage of the different ethnic groups that have resided in the mountains of northern Thailand to be a remarkable experience.

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Take your car and go on a road trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in four hours. With numerous sceneries in between, this mountainous area of northern Thailand offers a wonderful setting for your road adventure. 

During your trip, you will encounter a few notable stops featuring the hot springs in which you may cook an egg in the boiling hot water. Travelers may also rest confident that finding a spot to eat and soak their feet in the region’s hot springs will be simple.

Wat Rong Khun, popularly known in Thailand as the White Temple, is among Chiang Rai’s most renowned tourist attractions. It is highly recommended as a must-visit tourist destination. Furthermore, the White Temple is recognized as one of Thailand’s most beautiful temples. 

Tourists visiting Chiang Rai can also take a photo of the Golden Triangle, the official meeting point of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Additionally, visitors can taste and experience some of the greatest tea in the country by going to the Choui Fong Tea Plantation and sipping green tea.

Bangkok to Phetchabun

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, colorful mosaic tiles, huge temple

A long drive from Bangkok to Phetchabun provides visitors with stunning sceneries of Thailand’s countryside. Mountains, rich greeneries, and vast farms comprise the five-hour trip from Bangkok to Phetchabun. You won’t have to think about the perilous passages you experience in different places in the Kingdom because this journey isn’t windy or steep.

Upon arriving, visitors can visit Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, the area’s most popular site. This place is known for its colorful mosaic tiles that make up this stunning temple. Tourists will also enjoy visiting the iconic Sea of Mist in Khao Kho and the famous freshwater jellyfish in Kaeng Bang Rachan. 

This trip from Bangkok to Phetchabun is a delightful thing to do, especially for those seeking a picturesque experience, with so much to see and do.

Road Going to Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Bridge, Phatthalung

The road bridge, Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa, was constructed to commemorate King Rama IX’s 80th birthday. Locals had to commute on dirt and rough road before the government built this bridge. 

The Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Bridge spans the wetlands of Songkhla Lake for 14 kilometers, making it the country’s longest and most scenic road bridge. The wetlands on both sides of the Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Bridge were among the places nominated in the Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance. This large marsh is densely forested and home to various native and migratory species, making it a visually appealing place.

The road bridge is also a fantastic site to see buffalo grazing uniquely. When it’s the flood season, the buffaloes may plunge to eat grass under the water, earning them the nickname “water buffaloes of Phattalung.”

Chiang Mai to Pai

Buddha statue, brick walls, blue sky

This tour is the most strenuous if you want to put your driving talents to the test, as it includes winding roads, many curves, and turns. The road appears to twist and curve during this four-hour ride, making it one of the riskiest roads in the country. 

As a result, it is preferable to go here during the day, particularly if you are confident driving on narrow, uphill roads. It’s best to start your road journey during the day because the hills and tight roads might be tricky to navigate in the dark. 

Pai is one of Thailand’s most desirable destinations. It has a laid-back ambiance with a lot of tasty food and exciting activities. Hot springs, cave expeditions, waterfall treks, and bamboo rafting on the Pai River are available to tourists. 

Pai is a nature lover’s paradise and a fantastic spot to visit. Many travelers enjoy wandering out to this more hippie-oriented town.

Rayong to Pattaya, Bangkok and Hua Hin

The trip begins on the wonderful island of Koh Samet in Rayong Province, where you will board a ferry to the mainland. The adventure continues as tourists start on a one-hour trek to Pattaya. Pattaya was formerly known for having some of the world’s most renowned nightlife. Staying the night is a smart option, especially if you visit Walking Street before leaving for Bangkok.

After staying overnight in Pattaya, the road trip would continue for another two hours before reaching Bangkok. Enjoy your time in the capital city before taking a 3-hour drive to Hua Hin, Thailand’s most stunning resort city. In the resort, you can unwind while enjoying your drink on the beach. A journey in the beach city of Hua Hin is such a nice way to conclude your trip.

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

If you think you don’t have much time to stay in Thailand, a road trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi will suffice. Although the trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi only takes a few hours, there is enough to see and do once you arrive. 

Visit the Khwae Yai River Bridge and the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery in the city center. The Erawan National Park, located approximately 40 minutes beyond the city, is one of the country’s most iconic waterfalls. Then you may also visit the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, which is located just outside of town.