Can you realistically make your own home movie?

Can you realistically make your own home movie

From a workable budget to the compelling story, incredible sets of actors, ideal location, you’ve set all that vital aspects to create your own movie. Yet, what’s holding you back from shooting is how to make your DIY film realistic, given that you don’t have the massive equipment big movie outfits use … Read more

The Benefits of Taking Your Blender While You Camp

Traditional Blender

Camping is one way to detoxify yourself from the toxicity of urban life; it relatively helps you relieve stress and worries by inhaling that crisp fresh air. Researchers have also proved that city pollution can cause harmful effects to one’s body from time to time. So it’s very much recommended that you … Read more

10 Must-Haves In Your Forest Camping Survival Kit

From the fresh air, awe-inspiring paths, stunning natural attractions, to the chance to reconnect with nature, forest camping undoubtedly provides a unique experience and incredible adventure. No surprise that more people are engaging in the activity and enjoying all the benefits it offers. If you decide to try camping yourself with your … Read more

Skincare Tips When You’re Travelling to Different Climates

make up bag

When you’re traveling, your daily skincare routine gets interrupted. Not only that but you are also exposed to different environmental and weather conditions. In addition, you will also probably eat different kinds of food such as junk food and street foods. Well, all these factors can have effects on your skin when … Read more

Can Drinking Juice Help to Clear Up Our Skin?

Clear Up Our Skin

Traveling screws the skin in a lot of ways. While you want to stay as fresh on your trip, chances are you have skin breakouts, or your complexion is dull and dreary. Luckily, some say that all you need is juicing to help clear the skin and give back its lost glory. … Read more

Who was Mary, Queen of Scots?

Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, is probably one of the most famous people in Scotland’s history. Her life proved to be full of romance, tragedy, and drama than any other legend. This is because regardless of the seemingly right decisions she makes, Mary made in her life – from marrying for love to … Read more

Learn About Catherine Howard

A portrait of Catherin Howard

Many people have been a significant part of our history, and each is having its own story to tell. Some people showcase an inspiring story of success, while others are famous for many other reasons. Interestingly, there is one person who is known for its fascinating story of reign, followed by her … Read more

Who was Lady Jane Grey?

Lady Jane Grey

Going back to history is a fascinating learning experience. England has its share in the interesting history of kings and queens, wherein various leaders have ruled the land over the years. Among the several monarchs who led England in the previous generations, there is one who gained recognition for her unique story. … Read more