Is Tea Popular in Thailand?

Thai iced tea as served in an eatery in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Although the country is known for many things but the hot and humid weather tends to be the most popular. To beat the heat, both the locals and tourists generously consume Cha Yen or Thai iced tea. Back in the … Read more

The Benefits of Taking Your Blender While You Camp

Traditional Blender

Camping is one way to detoxify yourself from the toxicity of urban life; it relatively helps you relieve stress and worries by inhaling that crisp fresh air. Researchers have also proved that city pollution can cause harmful effects to one’s body from time to time. So it’s very much recommended that you … Read more

Can Drinking Juice Help to Clear Up Our Skin?

Clear Up Our Skin

Traveling screws the skin in a lot of ways. While you want to stay as fresh on your trip, chances are you have skin breakouts, or your complexion is dull and dreary. Luckily, some say that all you need is juicing to help clear the skin and give back its lost glory. … Read more