Learn About the History of Bloomington Indiana

Courthouse sunset in Bloomington, IN

Located 50 miles Southwest of Indianapolis in Monroe County is the Indiana City of Bloomington, with an estimated population of 80,303 as of the 2023 census. It ranked as the 443rd enormous city in the country and the seventh biggest in Indiana. It is considered one of the best locations to live … Read more

Famous People from Bloomington, IN


1. Mick Foley Michael Francis Foley is an American actor, novelist, and former professional wrestler who now works as a color commentator. He is currently a brand ambassador for WWE as part of the company’s Legends program.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Mick Foley (@realmickfoley) Foley … Read more

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

If you are tired, exhausted, and need a breather from the toxicity, one idea comes to mind: make a plan for a quick or extended vacation. When the word holiday comes into place, we usually put the beach card on the table. The beach and sea are calling, but where to go? … Read more

Who was Mary, Queen of Scots?

Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, is probably one of the most famous people in Scotland’s history. Her life proved to be full of romance, tragedy, and drama than any other legend. This is because regardless of the seemingly right decisions she makes, Mary made in her life – from marrying for love to … Read more

Learn About Catherine Howard

A portrait of Catherin Howard

Many people have been a significant part of our history, and each is having its own story to tell. Some people showcase an inspiring story of success, while others are famous for many other reasons. Interestingly, there is one person who is known for its fascinating story of reign, followed by her … Read more

Learn About the Ilkley Literature Festival

W.H. Auden – the English poet who inaugurated the festival

Literature has been a significant part of our world ever since hundreds and thousands of years ago. It is considered a form of art that is usually associated with writings, books, poetry, and so on. The definition of literature had expanded over the years and was not limited to simply writing.  Interestingly, … Read more

Who was Lady Jane Grey?

Lady Jane Grey

Going back to history is a fascinating learning experience. England has its share in the interesting history of kings and queens, wherein various leaders have ruled the land over the years. Among the several monarchs who led England in the previous generations, there is one who gained recognition for her unique story. … Read more