Best Beaches to Visit in Peru

Peru is known for its ancient cultures, medieval towns, and rich history, but there’s a lot more to this fascinating, and safe country to travel even you’re alone. Peru’s coastline stretches for over 2500 kilometers, with numerous beautiful beaches to explore. Peru’s beaches are as distinctive as its people and traditions, ranging from the edge of the Andes, where the lush ecosystem of the Humboldt Current washes against the shores, to the arid tropical forest of the northern shoreline.

Take a stroll along uninhabited stretches of white sand, swim in year-round seas that are 24 degrees, or watch some of the top surfing events in the world. Here are the ten spots Peru’s top beaches you would perfectly enjoy with your cute summer dress and stylish beach footwear.

1. Playa Roja

The red sand created by the erosion of ancient solidified lava gives Playa Roja its name. It contrasts brilliantly with the blue water and the dramatic rocks jutting from the ocean near offshore.

The beach is surrounded by massive, jagged cliffs in several areas, giving the region a strange, almost surreal air, as if you’ve been moved to another universe. Playa Roja’s natural beauty should be preserved for future generations, as a protected national reserve surrounds it.

Wildlife abounds in the area, but hiring a local guide to get the most out of the numerous attractions is advisable.

2. Mancora

Mancora beach, coconut trees, low-tide beach, orange sand

 Are you prepared for 365 days of sunshine, soothing waves, and delicious seafood? Mancora is unquestionably at the top of Peru’s best beaches list. This beach is one of the top places because of the beautiful beaches, the giant waves for surfing, and the always bright and pleasant temperature.

In Peru’s hottest region, this year-round sunny resort, located 187 kilometers north of Piura, attracts many locals and guests worldwide with its laid-back environment, pristine and dusty sand, warm waters, and brilliant blue skies.

Mancora has many tourist-oriented hotels, restaurants, and resorts despite its small population. It’s also an excellent spot to go clubbing and surfing. Mancora also boasts remarkable marine life, so if you want to go fishing or diving, this is the place to go!

3. Punta Sal

Punta Sal beach, white sand, beach with cottages

Punta Sal, tucked away along the northern coast, is a first-class beach widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country. City inhabitants go to the beach, taking the quick hour-long train ride out of town to relax on the golden sands. The longest beach on this stretch of coast, with calm waves and golden sands making it a beautiful place to spend a few days.

The equatorial El Nino current keeps Punta Sal warm and inviting all year. It’s the coast’s longest beach, at 6.5 kilometers, so there should be plenty of space to wander, get away from the crowds, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

4. Lobitos

Lobitos should be on your Peruvian bucket list if you’re a surfer! Lobitos is one of Peru’s top surf beaches, with excellent shaped waves that often surge to 8 feet or more thanks to the tremendous currents that collide offshore.

There are a variety of classes offered if you are not a surfer but would like to give it a try. The colonial architecture and abandoned oil rigs, which seem to stand vigil to a bygone era, are also worth seeing.

5. Las Pocitas

There are so many stunning beaches in Peru that it’s impossible to choose the best. Although beauty is in the beholder’s perspective, Las Pocitas would undoubtedly be at the top of anyone’s list.

The blue water rippling over smooth, golden-white sand, as well as the small pools that emerge amid the rocks at low tide, are hard to beat. 

Bring a good book, a refreshing drink, and your toes in the sand because the major attractions here are peace and beauty, and there isn’t much else to do.

6. La Mina

La Mina has stunning views along the coast. The powdery sand of the beach is great for sunbathers who want to relax and soak up the Peruvian rays. The verdant terrain opens up at the end of the journey, revealing La Mina beach in all its splendor.

The location is rightly popular with tourists during the summer. Those feeling a little more adventurous can spend the night camping on the beach.

After the day-trippers have gone home, camping provides an opportunity to spend time on La Mina. The pristine night skies become a star-gazing feast, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of pelicans and sea lions sunning on the sand just as the sun begins to rise.

7. Los Organos

Los Organos is a fantastic alternative for individuals wishing to decompress because of its calm pace, marine life, and surfing.

Watch the local fishers take in their catch from the docks, the majority of which will wind up in the tiny town’s family eateries and, if you’re lucky, on your dinner plate.

Whale-watching cruises are available in town, and sea turtles are also prevalent. There are also both simple and inexpensive hotel options and more luxurious, private bungalows.

8. Huanchaco

standing Peruvian fishing boats, caballitos de totora, fishing nets

If you’re a surfer, this laid-back beach is the place to be. Huanchaco has evolved from a sleepy fishing village with a lovely beach to a tourist hotspot, quickly becoming a destination. Visitors frequently stop by the area’s many historical monuments to rest on the long stretch of golden beach.

The beach has developed a reputation for its numerous activities and the local fishers’ unique fishing manner. Caballos de totora, or ‘little reed horses,’ are woven boats that fishermen collect fish hauls over the waves.

Although surfboards are more widespread than reed horses nowadays, the practice can still be seen being carried out across the waves.

9. Cabo Blanco

This small fishing village and its beautiful beach are famed for inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel entitled “The Old Man and the Sea.” Hemingway spent a lot of time in Cabo Blanco, drawn there by the big-game fishing popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Surfers are drawn to Cabo Blanco for its excellent surfing chances; thus, the hunt for gigantic fish replaced the chase for big waves. The waves here are epically enormous, so this is not a spot for beginners.

The famously big ‘Peruvian Pipe’ is a spectacle to witness and a challenge for the many surfers who converge on the beach. The beach itself is made up of soft sands flanked by rugged rocks that reflect the sea’s rich blue hue.

10. Miraflores

Miraflores beach, beach view, beach beneath the road

Miraflores may not be the tropical paradise you envision when you think of Peru’s best beaches, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. The City Beach in Miraflores is located in the affluent downtown district of Lima, Peru’s busy capital city.

Being a part of a capital city’s urban sprawl implies having quick access to the city center and enough space and fresh air to feel like you have time to rest.

The ‘Costa Verde’ is bordered by high-rise residential buildings that lie on the brink of cliffs covered with lush grass, offering spectacular ocean views. It’s a popular site for surfers who come for the great waves, as well as paragliders who drift over the sands dreamily. Take a trip along the oceanfront boardwalk to find local restaurants where you may grab a bite to eat.