What Items Should You Pack When Traveling in the Mountains

Man wearing red pants on a cliff

The mountains are a taste of adventure, a discovery, a journey out of time, and a magnificent and mystical atmosphere. It brings fascination, wonder, and sometimes fear. A mountain getaway gives something special at any time of year. A trip to the mountains is always enjoyable, whether it is for the clean … Read more

Best Areas to Go Camping Around Bloomington, Indiana

Tent in the forest by the lake

Bloomington, Indiana, is a camper’s paradise. It offers many options for campers to enjoy and have fun. You can do primitive camping or bring your RV; you will have a perfect spot. Whether you prefer a camping site by the water or a forest with tall trees, Bloomington has your back.  After … Read more

Tips for Beginners in Getting Started with Street Photography

Silhouette of people

One of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding types of photography is street photography. It is capturing moments of everyday life, which requires patience, hard work, and bravery to approach strangers. Moreover, street photography is more about knowing yourself as a street photographer. Because the genre is both … Read more

What are the Three Major Rules of Street Photography?

Man in Brown Jacket Sitting on Chair in front of fruit stand 

We never run out of memories when we capture them well, in fact, one picture is worth a thousand words and it tells a lot of stories and memories. Yes, cameras work well for people whose heart is really on it! The camera is a part of life that gives pleasure and … Read more

Learn About the History of Bloomington Indiana

Courthouse sunset in Bloomington, IN

Located 50 miles Southwest of Indianapolis in Monroe County is the Indiana City of Bloomington, with an estimated population of 80,303 as of the 2023 census. It ranked as the 443rd enormous city in the country and the seventh biggest in Indiana. It is considered one of the best locations to live … Read more

Learn About Indiana University Bloomington

Entrance to Indiana University

One of the top public universities in the United States, Indiana University Bloomington (IU Bloomington, Indiana University, IU, or simply Indiana) was founded in 1820. In 1867, IU became one of the first state universities to admit women and in 1869, Sarah Parke Morrison became the first woman to graduate from IU. … Read more

Learn About Visiting The Red Sand Beaches of Playa Roya in Peru

red sand beach in Peru

Are you a beach lover and looking for an adventure? Peru is one of the best destinations to choose from when it comes to relaxation and tours.  Most holiday travelers and adventurers choose Peru for its breathtaking panoramas and diverse cultural history. The incredible Amazon rainforest, stunning landscapes, and soft sandy beaches … Read more

Learn About Visiting Punta Sal in Peru

Beach in Punta Sal Peru

Peru is one of the most visited places in the world because of its culture, history, and tourist spots. Tourists will surely enjoy and love the sites that Peru has to offer. The mountains, ancient structures, and beaches are among the places to visit. One of the tourist destinations is Punta Sal … Read more

Learn About Visiting Máncora in Peru

Beaches in Máncora Peru

Did you know that while you immerse yourself in new sights, sounds, and sensations of a new destination, you are making more than just creating memories? According to studies, spending money on experiences, like traveling, might lead to longer-lasting enjoyment than doing the same with material items, like buying clothes.  In this … Read more

Understanding Skin Dryness and Preventing it While Travelling

an image of a woman with dry skin

Dry skin, medically referred to as Xerosis, is a condition characterized by a lack of adequate moisture and natural oils in the skin, which leads to symptoms such as roughness, itching, flakiness, and in severe cases, cracking and redness. Various factors, such as environmental conditions, personal habits, genetic predisposition, and medical conditions, … Read more