Learn About Catherine Howard

A portrait of Catherin Howard

Many people have been a significant part of our history, and each is having its own story to tell. Some people showcase an inspiring story of success, while others are famous for many other reasons. Interestingly, there is one person who is known for its fascinating story of reign, followed by her … Read more

Learn About the Ilkley Literature Festival

W.H. Auden – the English poet who inaugurated the festival

Literature has been a significant part of our world ever since hundreds and thousands of years ago. It is considered a form of art that is usually associated with writings, books, poetry, and so on. The definition of literature had expanded over the years and was not limited to simply writing.  Interestingly, … Read more

Top Tips on Travelling Safely

Tips on Travelling Safely

Heaven is truly a place on Earth with awe-inspiring natural attractions, historic landmarks, and beautiful places you can visit. However, one of the things you wish someone to say to you before wandering is “safe travels,” given the mishaps that can occur along the way. Not to worry, though! We’ve collated some … Read more

Must-haves for Serious Travelers

Packing Cubes, Travel

Got a fantastic trip coming? Your excitement must be up to the brim, given that traveling is undeniably fun and its memories last a time. However, the enthusiasm can quickly go down the train when it’s time to pack, as doing so is one of the hardest parts of preparing for travel. … Read more

Who was Lady Jane Grey?

Lady Jane Grey

Going back to history is a fascinating learning experience. England has its share in the interesting history of kings and queens, wherein various leaders have ruled the land over the years. Among the several monarchs who led England in the previous generations, there is one who gained recognition for her unique story. … Read more