Learn About Visiting The Red Sand Beaches of Playa Roya in Peru

Are you a beach lover and looking for an adventure? Peru is one of the best destinations to choose from when it comes to relaxation and tours. 

Most holiday travelers and adventurers choose Peru for its breathtaking panoramas and diverse cultural history. The incredible Amazon rainforest, stunning landscapes, and soft sandy beaches make it more fascinating for tourists to explore and enjoy.  Lima,  its capital city also features some of the most beautiful colonial buildings, and landmarks as well as serves one of the best cuisines in the world.

Playa Roya  (Roja) is one of the major destinations in Peru. Located between Playa Lagunillas and Punta Santa Maria, Playa Roya is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world because of its unique Reddish-colored shores. The natural beauty it gives will definitely make your vacation worthwhile. Located in Ica, Peru, the region is a national reserve that protects the desert and marine ecosystems and is famous for its incredible beauty with miles of cliffs and coastal waters.  

The unique reddish color of the sand is caused by the nearby massif of Punta Santa Maria formed by a sort of igneous rock known as pink granodiorite which contains the solidified magma inside.

Getting to Playa Roya

Paracas National Reserve is a 3-hour travel south of Lima with Pisco as the jump-off point of transit to the south. Pisco also has a small airport convenient for travelers who want to take a Nazca Lines flight tour without traveling overland all the way to Nazca City. Aside from beautiful landscapes, Paracas offers the better option for seaside relaxation in terms of accommodation.   Pisco Airport is located at the Southern end of Pisco town about 6 mi (10 km) from Paracas where they have chartered aircraft that provide Nazca Lines flyover tours.

Accommodations in Playa Roya

One can have plenty of options when visiting Playa Roya. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses and backpack hostels with superb services for your own convenience. Newer resorts even spread North of the pier or South closer to the national reserve, while other hotels and restaurants are concentrated around Malecon El Chaco with outstanding service and excellent amenities.

Fish and seafood play a starring role in most restaurant menus in Paracas. Seafront restaurants near the pier serve a menu del dia  (set menu with starter, main, and dessert) or a  la carte. Grills by the pier are also a source of cheap eats.

Activities You Could Enjoy While in Playa Roya

Please note that Paracas is just a small town but you will be mesmerized by the great landscapes it gives. You can simply enjoy walking near the pier, strolling in the seashore, and feeling the breeze yourself. Here are other things you can enjoy doing.

Exploring Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas provides access to the Paracas National Reserve. Exploring the Paracas National Reserve can be an exciting experience, especially for adventure seekers. Exploring subtropical coast desert and marine ecosystem, and discovering remnants of the Paracas culture which flourished from 900 BC to 200 AD.

Indeed, Paracas is worth a visit and it is absolutely a safe place for everyone.

Enjoying Paracas Sunset

If you have extra time, consider a Nazca Lines flyover tour. Planes depart from the nearby Pisco Airport and you’ll be back in Paracas in no time to watch the sunset. After a nature-packed day, luxuriate at a resort pool overlooking the beautiful Paracas Bay while enjoying its beautiful sunset.

There is nothing more enjoyable than just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the sunset with a cup of coffee alone or with your family and friends.

Experience Thrill Rides

From the wildlife of  Ballestas Islands, other options for thrill seekers include kayaking, bike tours, or quad tours in the Paracas reserve. Dune buggy and sandboarding tours can also be a fun experience while enjoying the mesmerizing desert dune, especially for first-timers. 

Your get up will make a memory, so don’t forget to wear light shirts, sunglasses and sunscreen to make the most of the thrill rides.

Beach Getaway at El Chaco

If you wander around Paracas Bay, El Chaco is the tiny town that receives most visitors to Paracas including foreign travelers seeking a beach getaway. The town’s pier serves as the point of departure for tours to the Islas Ballestas and the Paracas National Reserve.

There are plenty of restaurants along the boardwalk, where souvenir vendors congregate selling novelties. Fishing boats crowd the water in front of the beach, bringing fresh catches of fish for sale to nearby establishments. 

Some Paracas hotel resorts are located further South facing the open waters suited for utter relaxation and your choice of water sports.  

Wildlife Viewing

a flock of birds on the rocky shore

Enormous colonies of sea lions, sea birds, and innumerable ocean dwellers that gathered to feast on the nutrient-rich waters off the Peruvian coast can be seen on Ballestas Island. Oh yes! Balletas Island is one of the main attractions of Paracas National Reserve. It is a home to a vast array of marine wildlife including bird species like the Guanay Cormorant, Peruvian Booby, and Peruvian Pelican. Together joining the colonies of sea lions blanket the rocky Isles.

In going to Ballestas Islands will approximately take two and a half hours with at least 45 minutes spent watching marine wildlife. 

Best months to visit Playa Roya

The best months to visit Playa Roya are the summertime from December to March when the days are hot and the sky is clear. 

The best time for wildlife viewing depends on what wildlife you wish to see. Depending on the season, you might see different species of birds or aquatic animals. For example, penguins are best seen from April to November. But, whatever option of visit you have in mind, rest assured you will never regret your visit and the fun adventure.

In conclusion, Playa Roya is one of the most beautiful beaches in Paracas National Reserve and many beach lovers and tourists opt to have an adventure to this heaven-like place. If you and your family or friends are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, give the Red Sand Beach in Playa Roya a chance for your escapade. The place will be the best choice for you. The natural beauty it gives will definitely make your vacation worthwhile. Grab the chance and make it happen. For sure, you will never get wrong spending your money while making memories there.