Learn About Visiting Máncora in Peru

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According to studies, spending money on experiences, like traveling, might lead to longer-lasting enjoyment than doing the same with material items, like buying clothes. 

In this section, we show you more of Máncora.

Máncora is a town in the Piura Region in northwestern Peru. It is located in the Talara Province and is the capital of the Máncora District. Although the town is modest, it has grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Peru because of its stunning coastline and privileged climate throughout the year. 

This northern paradise provides lodging with spas and top-notch services. From the town of Máncora, you can get to the beach by foot, via taxi, or by motorcycle taxi. It is suitable for families, friends, and couples due to its tranquillity.

How to get to Máncora?

There are several ways to go to Máncora, but taking a flight is the easiest way. The closest airports are in Piura, Talara, and Tumbes. The fastest option would be to go to Talara airport which is only 45 minutes away from Mancora.

If flying internationally, there is a stopover in Lima. It only takes 2 hours to travel from the capital to the airports in Piura or Tumbes. 

The bus is another option, but the journey from Lima takes about 18 hours.

If you go by car, you should be aware of the relatively quiet traffic, but the trip will take roughly 15 hours.

Upon arrival, you will not need a car because the best bars, restaurants, hotels, and dance venues are all within walking distance. If you have to get from one end to the other, you will not be hard-pressed to find a motorized tuk-tuk ready to take you.

With all local ground transportation in Máncora, be sure to negotiate the fare with the driver before getting into the vehicle. It is a common practice and will help you save money. It is important to agree on a price in advance because the driver has the upper hand once you are in transit and may increase the fare, charging you much more than you should.

Where to stay in Máncora?

Scenic view of ocean during daytime

In Mancora, you can find fabulous all-inclusive beach houses to help you and your family enjoy your trip. 

There are also beach houses of different categories and lodging services, so you only have to worry about enjoying the sun and a good drink.

Keep in mind the fact that Máncora is a beach town means that the Wi-Fi connection can occasionally be subpar and the water supply could be irregular. Expect your accommodation to have subpar Wi-Fi (consider using a phone hotspot as a backup) and light water pressure, with no hot water available. 

What to do in Máncora?


Máncora has among the best waves in Peru and also the warmest water. Every year the waves of Máncora attract surfers from all over the world, both beginners and experts. 

Nevertheless, this varies according to the time of year or season you visit. For instance, the best surf season is from October to March, but waves are present all year long in Mancora.

Experiencing Adventure Sports

Those who wish to enhance their beach experience can engage in additional adventure sports like diving and snorkeling in addition to surfing. If they also want to stay on the shore, they can ride an ATV or enjoy the sea breeze on horseback.

There are also tropical forests in Máncora, which they can visit accompanied by a tour guide to practice extreme sports such as zip-lining. They are safe packages and are the best option if you like extreme.

Horseback Riding

Couples’ horseback riding along the beachfront is a more romantic choice in Máncora. It usually runs about 50 sole per person and is the best way to watch a sunset.

Whale Watching

Humpback whales come to the north of Peru from July to October and can be seen breaching from the water. On occasion, the beach is a good place to watch whales. 

Sunset Watching

Woman silhouette sunset beach sea

The sunsets in Peru are some of the best in the world. They are big, vibrant, and powerful. The sunset in the Máncora region, specifically, is the best in the entire country. The sun usually takes on a very bright and powerful orange color as it illuminates the sky while setting in the area. 

Mud Bathing

Take a quick cab ride to the mud baths in the hills of Máncora. Just remember to pack a change of clothes because you do not want to walk around in a muddy, brown bathing suit. Relax and enjoy all the mud.

Swimming with Turtles

Brown and black turtle under water

Turtles are included in the abundance of biodiversity along Peru’s northern coast. You can swim with them and take tours to see them. Please do not touch the turtles; doing so removes a thin layer of mucus that covers their bodies and can cause illness.


If you are still looking for more in Máncora, there are many options and activities to entertain and have fun with your family or as a couple. To see Peruvian-specific animal species, you may also choose to take an excursion and explore the Tumbes mangroves that surround it.

Additionally, visitors can purchase locally manufactured goods on the artisan path in the town of Máncora that are made from marine products.

The Fernández farm is an hour’s distance if you have more time. Los Pilares de la Quebrada Fernández, a natural waterfall that creates a lagoon between the stones, is recommended for a stroll in the dry forest.

When is the best time to visit Máncora?

The dry season on the coast, which lasts from November to April, is the ideal time to explore Máncora. Máncora is one of Peru’s top beach resorts, bringing in local and international tourists, especially from mid-December to February. Máncora is a popular destination over the New Year, in particular. The wet season in Máncora is brief, lasting only for two months, March and April. Despite a little drop in temperature, people continue to enjoy the sun and heat.

Since it is always hot outside, always wear light clothing, good-grade sunscreen, and sunglasses with UV protection.

What to eat in Máncora?

Mancora, Peru

The cuisine in Máncora is delectable, therefore you will find restaurants that offer fish and seafood of excellent quality.

On the other hand, Ceviche is one of the most popular foods in Peru. Ceviche is fish cooked with lemon and then served with other ingredients like onions & corn. You can take a boat ride, catch fish, and then have a local prepare it as a ceviche dish in Mancora.

But not everything is seafood, in Máncora, there are many inexpensive eateries in the town that provide international cuisine.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the good things in life without added fuss, Máncora is the haven you have been dreaming of. Visit now before the masses make a run for it.