Tips for Beginners in Getting Started with Street Photography

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One of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding types of photography is street photography. It is capturing moments of everyday life, which requires patience, hard work, and bravery to approach strangers. Moreover, street photography is more about knowing yourself as a street photographer. Because the genre is both … Read more

What are the Three Major Rules of Street Photography?

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We never run out of memories when we capture them well, in fact, one picture is worth a thousand words and it tells a lot of stories and memories. Yes, cameras work well for people whose heart is really on it! The camera is a part of life that gives pleasure and … Read more

Making Money with Street Photography

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One of the most difficult but also one of the most satisfying types of photography is street photography. Documenting people in their daily lives is difficult; it takes patience, hard work, and sometimes even guts to approach and shoot complete strangers.  Typically, street photography is about capturing life in public places in … Read more

Can you realistically make your own home movie?

Can you realistically make your own home movie

From a workable budget to the compelling story, incredible sets of actors, ideal location, you’ve set all that vital aspects to create your own movie. Yet, what’s holding you back from shooting is how to make your DIY film realistic, given that you don’t have the massive equipment big movie outfits use … Read more

The History of Street Photography

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For the most part, a photographer’s attitude to a public scenario in front of him can be best described as one of opportunity. Unlike documentary photography, street photography focuses on capturing the random interactions of everyday human activity in urban environments.  The origin of street photography dates back to the invention of photography. In … Read more

Tips on Shooting Street Photography While Traveling

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Isn’t it great to travel around the globe? Visiting tourist attractions in different countries is an excellent way to spend your vacation. By traveling in various countries, you would get the chance to learn other people’s culture and tradition, as well as gives you the opportunity to socialize with them. Your trip … Read more