Learn About Visiting Punta Sal in Peru

Peru is one of the most visited places in the world because of its culture, history, and tourist spots. Tourists will surely enjoy and love the sites that Peru has to offer. The mountains, ancient structures, and beaches are among the places to visit.

One of the tourist destinations is Punta Sal in Tumbes, Peru, known to have the longest beach with white sand. People seeking relaxation and a tropical vibe will be delighted to explore a paradise-like place. It has the best and most luxurious hotels you can find. That is why wealthy tourists love the experience.

Punta Sal has clear blue water and is said to have warmer water than other places due to the El Nino current. Hotels and resorts in this area offer facilities and accommodations that will exceed your expectations. There are a lot of activities that you could do to enjoy your stay.

Getting to Punta Sal

Five airports are near Punta Sal, but the nearest airport is in Talara, Peru. From Talara to Punta Sal is approximately 74 km, and it takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel. You can rent to drive a car, ride a bus, or take a taxi. 

You will appreciate the towns you pass by during the travel. You get to see beautiful and interesting places.

Accommodations in Punta Sal 

bedroom interior with bed and nightstand and parquet floor in sunlight 

If you’re interested in visiting Punta Sal, you can book hotels ranging from $55 to $250 per night. There are also AirBnBs for tourists who prefer affordable lodging. Travelers can take advantage of either of the accommodations. 

It is best to book your hotel or accommodation before your travel to avoid delays, and you can also avail of discounts. 

Best Time to Visit Punta Sal

The temperature in Punta Sal is mostly warm, and a very low possibility of rain throughout the year. The warmest months are February to April and the best time to visit and enjoy the place.

The crowded months would be July, September, and January. During these times, flights and accommodations are more expensive than usual.

November has fewer tourists, and travel and lodging costs are lesser than other months.

Activities You Could Enjoy While in Punta Sal

There are amenities and facilities that tourists could take advantage of. Here are activities that you could do during your vacation.

Enjoy the Beach

Tourists will adore the beach with its blue and warm water and a 6.5-kilometer coastline. Punta Sal provides a wide space, so finding your spot on the beach is never a problem.

Swimming in clear blue water with a 24-degree Celsius all year round is an amazing adventure. And if you’re lucky, you can swim with sea creatures, like whales and turtles.

Jet Skiing and Kayaking

Couple riding a jetski

Explore the beach more on a jet ski or kayak. Hotels offer rides for rent for tourists to utilize. Punta Sal has calm water, perfect for tourists to explore.

Enjoy the weather and warm blue water with family and friends while riding on the water vehicle.


The small waves in Punta Sal are perfect for beginners and children to practice surfing. Punta Sal provides surfing classes for people who want to learn how to surf.

Surfing is an activity that you can enjoy until sundown.

Reef Diving and Snorkeling

Punta Sal has clear blue and warm water, perfect for divers and snorkelers. Because it’s in a tropical country, you will see amazing and mesmerizing sea animals and colorful coral reefs. Marine life lovers will have an unforgettable adventure.

Marine Animal Viewing

Hotels in Punta Sal provide yachts for rent to tourists. While on a yacht, you can view marine creatures, including whales and dolphins. Enjoy these marine giants swimming and moving gracefully in the water. Be astonished by how they jump out of the water and create water splashes.

Discover Their Food

Crop person eating delicious seafood

For you to be able to understand the culture of the place, you have to taste and devour their food. Through their food, you connect yourself to the locals and experience their culture. Learning about their heritage through their food is a different level of enlightenment. 

Punta Sal possesses abundant marine life, and seafood is always on its menu. Ceviche is a traditional seafood dish included on the must-try list for tourists. They always serve fresh and flavorful dishes.

Swim with Marine Creatures

Punta Sal is rich in marine life due to its tropical weather. Sea creatures like whales and turtles come to swim and visit the area. They grace the people with their presence and invite them to swim alongside them.

Swimming with these animals is an experience worth keeping, and locals encourage the experience.


Because of its tropical weather, Punta Sal is rich in marine life. You can encounter a variety of fresh and savory fish. Travelers who are fishing rookies and fanatics will certainly love the experience.

After the fishing adventure, grill your catch and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Explore Nearby Towns and Tourist Spots

A couple standing on a mountain on the background of Machu

There are nearby villages that are along the coastline, as well, for tourists to explore and experience. Hotels or travel agencies offer tour packages available for travelers. These villages provide recreational activities for voyagers to enjoy. 

The villages close to Punta Sal have lots to offer too, and it is worth visiting them. Tourists will love the escapade.

Here are amazing villages that you could check out and visit.

Moncora. Also known as one of the best beaches in Peru. Moncora is in Talara Province, Piura Region. Here, you will experience warm water year-round, just like Punta Sal. 

Los Organos. This town is also along the coastline, enjoyed by tourists due to its quiet and peaceful beach. This part of the coastline is not crowded and is well-loved by people who prefer alone time.

National Sanctuary Manglares de Tumbes. If you want to experience a different adventure, this protected area is ideal for you to visit. Located in Tumbes, Peru, with an area of 29.72 square kilometers. This sanctuary is home to hundreds of different birds and aquatic species. Considered to be the largest mangrove forest in all of Peru.

In conclusion, Punta Sal provides several activities that tourists and visitors can experience and enjoy. It is also one of the top beaches most visited by tourists. Secure at least a week of vacation to enjoy and experience Punta Sal. This place is ideal for people who adore marine life because of its blue and warm water. Some of the most luxurious hotels are in Punta Sal, and the best dishes are here. Vacationers will treasure the memories they made in this paradise-like town.