How to Have a Pamper Day at Home with Your Dog


If you are one of those people who spend tons of money on skincare and self-care products, you know how important it is to keep ourselves well-pampered after a long tiring day at work. But it is not only us who deserve a pamper treatment—our dogs as well! You can also check … Read more

Skincare Tips When You’re Travelling to Different Climates

make up bag

When you’re traveling, your daily skincare routine gets interrupted. Not only that but you are also exposed to different environmental and weather conditions. In addition, you will also probably eat different kinds of food such as junk food and street foods. Well, all these factors can have effects on your skin when … Read more

Tips on Shooting Street Photography While Traveling

A group of street photographers

Isn’t it great to travel around the globe? Visiting tourist attractions in different countries is an excellent way to spend your vacation. By traveling in various countries, you would get the chance to learn other people’s culture and tradition, as well as gives you the opportunity to socialize with them. Your trip … Read more

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

The Best Places to Stay in Hua Hin

If you are tired, exhausted, and need a breather from the toxicity, one idea comes to mind: make a plan for a quick or extended vacation. When the word holiday comes into place, we usually put the beach card on the table. The beach and sea are calling, but where to go? … Read more

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling to Bangkok

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling to Bangkok

After a stressful week at work, isn’t it nice to go on a vacation and spend the rest of the week visiting other countries? If you are a fan of going on a trip to Asian countries, Bangkok, Thailand, is a place you should consider visiting. There are various tourist attractions available … Read more

Can Drinking Juice Help to Clear Up Our Skin?

Clear Up Our Skin

Traveling screws the skin in a lot of ways. While you want to stay as fresh on your trip, chances are you have skin breakouts, or your complexion is dull and dreary. Luckily, some say that all you need is juicing to help clear the skin and give back its lost glory. … Read more

Tips for Travelling in the Mountains

Tips for Travelling in the Mountains

Traveling in the mountains is a thrilling and rewarding experience. You get closer to nature and see the awe-inspiring beauty in its purest form while also having an adventure for fun, escape, and relaxation. However, the activity can be a daunting task, especially to those who haven’t climbed a mountain before. It … Read more

Making the Most of Your Travels

Making the Most of Your Travels

Whichever destination you’re headed to, whether you’re off to your first trip or a seasoned traveler, and regardless if you’re on a tight budget or jumping from one luxurious spot to another, you must make the most out of your travel. While it may seem an easy feat, many travelers fail to … Read more

Who was Mary, Queen of Scots?

Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, is probably one of the most famous people in Scotland’s history. Her life proved to be full of romance, tragedy, and drama than any other legend. This is because regardless of the seemingly right decisions she makes, Mary made in her life – from marrying for love to … Read more