What Countries Are Safest to Travel Alone?

Young man arms outstretched by the sea at sunrise enjoying freedom and life, people travel wellbeing concept

Maybe your friends don’t have the budget and cannot join you on your next vacation. Perhaps you want to try traveling solo without having to accommodate anybody else’s input. Or maybe you just want to free your mind from the stresses at home and hoe to take a journey to put yourself … Read more

Tips for Preparing to Go on Safari

Tips for Preparing to Go on Safari

If you want to awaken your senses, get up and close and personal to the massive diversity of life, and see animals in their natural habit and their game of survival, going on a safari in Africa should be the next item on your travel bucket list. Just be mindful that doing … Read more

Best Snack Ideas for a Long Plane Flight

a breakfast tray in plane

Do the mere thought of packing snacks for long flight tires you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Before you head out for that long due vacation, weekend getaway, or even an urgent business meeting, do not forget to pack some healthy and fulfilling snacks. Not everyone can make do with the … Read more

Can you realistically make your own home movie?

Can you realistically make your own home movie

From a workable budget to the compelling story, incredible sets of actors, ideal location, you’ve set all that vital aspects to create your own movie. Yet, what’s holding you back from shooting is how to make your DIY film realistic, given that you don’t have the massive equipment big movie outfits use … Read more

Best Road Trips To Take in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand, sky train, numerous cars on the road

One of the finest ways to explore Thailand’s stunning scenery and natural beauty is to go on a road trip. Traveling by car and seeing the beautiful sceneries and many local communities provides visitors with a glimpse of the Thai manner of living. You can rent a car in Thailand, or if … Read more

Is Tea Popular in Thailand?

Thai iced tea as served in an eatery in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Although the country is known for many things but the hot and humid weather tends to be the most popular. To beat the heat, both the locals and tourists generously consume Cha Yen or Thai iced tea. Back in the … Read more

Most Popular Street Music Festivals In The World

crowds gathered at night for a show, festival, lights

There’s nothing like dancing in the streets to A-list acts, with thousands of people feeling the same thrill as you. With live music blasting your ears and the crowd’s heaving, it’s impossible not to have the best experience of your life at a music festival.  Local food vendors, plenty of alcohol, and … Read more

Tips for Traveling with Pets

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Regardless of the circumstances, planning a vacation could be very stressful, especially when you wish to include your pets in your travels. You will have whole things to consider, such as packing the necessary equipment, double-checking your hotel’s pet policies, and ensuring that your pet fits the place’s travel requirements. If you aren’t prepared, it might be stressful and … Read more

The History of Street Photography

an old street in France, people talking, carousel, old houses, old street photography

For the most part, a photographer’s attitude to a public scenario in front of him can be best described as one of opportunity. Unlike documentary photography, street photography focuses on capturing the random interactions of everyday human activity in urban environments.  The origin of street photography dates back to the invention of photography. In … Read more

The Benefits of Taking Your Blender While You Camp

Traditional Blender

Camping is one way to detoxify yourself from the toxicity of urban life; it relatively helps you relieve stress and worries by inhaling that crisp fresh air. Researchers have also proved that city pollution can cause harmful effects to one’s body from time to time. So it’s very much recommended that you … Read more