Famous People from Bloomington, IN

1. Mick Foley

Michael Francis Foley is an American actor, novelist, and former professional wrestler who now works as a color commentator. He is currently a brand ambassador for WWE as part of the company’s Legends program.


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Foley is a four-time world champion (three WWF World Heavyweight Championships and one TNA World Heavyweight Championship), an 11-time world tag team champion (eight WWF World Tag Team Championships, two ECW World Tag Team Championships, one WCW World Tag Team Championship), a TNA Legends Champion, and the premiere WWF Hardcore Champion. Foley’s Hell in a Cell bout versus The Undertaker is largely recognized as the greatest Hell in a Cell fight of all time, and is widely regarded as one of his most memorable and contentious matches.

Foley is a multi-time New York Times bestselling author who is most known for his continuous memoir series. His work has garnered mostly positive reviews.

2. Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker is an Indiana-based voice actor. Before portraying Daffy Duck in Space Jam, he was best recognized for his role as Olmec in Legends of the Hidden Temple. From 1993 through 1995, he appeared in the Nickelodeon game program Legends of the Hidden Temple as both the announcer and the huge talking rock god Olmec. He gave Olmec a “huge, booming, thunderous, god-like voice” in his portrayal. He would tell a legend and then ask the kid participants similar knowledge questions at certain segments of the show. The show aired for three seasons for a total of 120 episodes. His most well-known roles include Klaus in American Dad, the Clone Troopers in various Star Wars media, Ra’s al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City.

As of November 21, 2019, he has 1,784 character photos on his Behind The Voice Actors page, making him the world’s most prolific voice actor. This number is even higher than Mel Blanc’s (1,121).

3. Grey Damon


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Grey Damon was born in Bloomington, Indiana – a place that allows you to have many experiences, and grew up in Boulder, Colorado. When Damon is not performing, he spends his time writing, drawing, sculpture, photography, and singing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where he obtained his first professional employment in a production of “A Christmas Carol.”

4. Hoagy Carmichael

Hoagland Howard “Hoagy” Carmichael was an American singer, songwriter, and actor who lived from November 22, 1899 to December 27, 1981. Carmichael was the “most creative, imaginative, intelligent, and jazz-oriented of all the great crafters” of pop songs in the first half of the twentieth century, according to American composer and author Alec Wilder. Carmichael was one of the most popular Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the 1930s, and he was one of the first singer-songwriters to embrace new communication technology like television and electronic microphones and sound recordings in the age of mass media.

5. Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot, author of ‘The Princess Diaries,’ takes her young readers on a fascinating voyage into the realm of princesses, ghosts, and true love. Cabot has several No. 1 New York Times bestsellers to her credit, demonstrating her ability to create magic with words. She was a voracious reader who reread fairytales till she convinced herself that she was a princess living a normal life. She entertained herself in her spare time by composing stories, thanks to her strong imagination and creativity. Despite her love of writing, she had never considered making it a full-time profession; her journey into the world of literature was totally by chance. For the first seven years of her creative career, she had only rejections before a publisher opted to publish her debut work, “Where Roses Grow Wild.” She tried her hand at creating a novel for younger audiences after releasing several other romantic novels. Her claim to fame was ‘The Princess Diaries,’ which garnered her countless honors. The world-famous author’s works have sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

6. Rex Grossman

Charles ‘Rex’ Grossman III is a retired American football player who spent nine seasons in the National Football League. He is a third-generation football player (his father and grandparents also played for ‘Indiana University’). He was crowned ‘Indiana’s Mr. Football’ after leading his high school team to state championship games. He eventually went on to the ‘University of Florida,’ where he was runner-up for the ‘Heisman Trophy’ in 2001. He won the SEC championship in 2000, the Sugar Bowl in 2001, and the Orange Bowl in 2002 with the ‘Florida Gators.’ He was taken in the first round of the 2003 ‘NFL Draft’ by the ‘Chicago Bears.’ He had two significant injuries in the first three years of his career.

According to the media and fans, Grossman was the reason for the ‘Bears’ losing the ‘2007Super Bowl.’ He was the first ‘Bears’ quarterback to start all 16 games of a season since Erik Kramer, and the first quarterback to win two postseason games in one season since 1985. Later, he was a backup quarterback for the ‘Houston Texans’ and subsequently the starting quarterback for the ‘Washington Redskins.’ His hometown, Bloomington, recognized June 28, 2007 as ‘Rex Grossman Day,’ in celebration of his contributions to the game.

7. Eric W. Weisstein

Eric Wolfgang Weisstein (born March 18, 1969) is an encyclopedist and mathematician who founded and maintains the MathWorld and ScienceWorld encyclopedias. He’s also the editor of the CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics. MathWorld debuted in December 1999 with over 13,000 pieces, the majority of which were written by Weisstein and covered a wide range of topics including algebra, geometry, calculus, discrete mathematics, topology, number theory, statistics, and the foundations of mathematics. ScienceWorld, also known as Eric Weisstein’s World of Science, debuted in January 2002 to the general public. ScienceWorld has over 1,000 items on astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biographies of scientists, among other branches of science.

8. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

She catapulted to notoriety as the daughter of musician John Mellencamp and after appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In her youth, she competed as an equestrian. She first became interested in the sport when she was four years old. Later in her career, she worked at CAA and UTA in Los Angeles. She is a fitness influencer and the owner of LA Workout Junkie, an accountability firm and blog. The show would influence you to stay fit even when travelling. Her husband, Edwin Arroyave, is the president and CEO of Skyline Security Management, Inc. Slate, a daughter, and Cruz, a son, are their two children and a stepdaughter named Isabella. In the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she became a member of the main cast.