A Simple Guide to Motorbike and Electric Scooter Maintenance

Part and parcel of being a safe and responsible motorist is that regular and thorough maintenance is essential—whether you drive a flash sports car or a smaller vehicle, or indeed a motorbike or electric scooter.

With that being said, here is a simple guide to motorbike and electric scooter maintenance and why it is so important.

Conduct Regular Fuel Changes

If you are someone who intends to keep your motorbike safely locked away in the garage during the winter months, then your first job when spring arrives is to change the fuel.

Invest in a specifically designed siphon pump in order to drain the old, stale, and stagnant fuel from the tank before filling up again with fresh fuel.

Check for Leaks

A leak—however small and indiscriminate—coming from any part of your scooter or bike’s engine could spell potential disaster whilst out on the road, so do be sure to check the entirety of the machine for such leaks before you embark on even a short journey.

Expert and established electric scooter and motorbike suppliers, such as those at bmgscooters.com provide a guarantee with every machine they sell that each unit has been thoroughly checked to an incredibly high standard before being placed on sale.

Keep the Coolant and Brake Fluid Topped Up

Another important basic element of scooter and motorbike maintenance is to not just confine fluid checks to the oil and fuel and instead to ensure your machine always has enough brake fluid and engine coolant, too.

Check the levels regularly; it is perfectly acceptable to simply top-up both liquids as and when, but again it would be beneficial to siphon each of the pipes out entirely and start anew with fresh coolant and brake fluid in both.

Keep an Eye on the Battery Life

For those riders who use their bike or scooter throughout the year, regardless of unpredictable weather conditions, then regular battery recharging is the only point you actually need to consider.

However, if your bike has been stored for several months or more, then the battery may be dead and require a full restoration, in which case—especially if the battery is over four years old—you may well be safer to invest in a new one.

Carry Out Sensible Tire Maintenance

Aside from the engine, the tires on your motorbike or scooter are the most important components and as such, you should never try and save time by continuously assuming that the current states of the tires will do.

Instead, inspect your tires in three clear steps, firstly beginning with checking each one for even the slightest crack, tear, or rot in the sidewall or tread itself.

Next, head to your nearest gas station or garage to check the air pressure in both tires matches the safe air pressure level written in your bike’s manual.

Finally, you also need to regularly check the amount of tread you have on your tires and ensure that the existing tread will provide the level of traction you will need.