Can Drinking Juice Help to Clear Up Our Skin?

Traveling screws the skin in a lot of ways. While you want to stay as fresh on your trip, chances are you have skin breakouts, or your complexion is dull and dreary. Luckily, some say that all you need is juicing to help clear the skin and give back its lost glory. More and more people join the fad due to the claimed benefits it bestows to the body’s largest organ. But does it really work? Can drinking juice keep the skin healthy? Should you add juicing to your beauty regimen before your travels? Read below to find out the answers.

Does drinking juice help clear the skin?

Juicing entails extracting the nutritious “concoction” from the fruits and vegetables and reaping the essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals they offer. It provides many healthy perks to the body, such as better digestion, improved stamina, mental clarity, and reduced cancer risk. 

Yet, what most people overlook are the tremendous benefits juices can also do for the skin. The skin reaps various rewards from drinking juice, such as a clear, radiant glow, the repair of chronic skin issues, and decreased chances of inflammation. All those results come as a result of detoxification and improved liver function the body achieves from juicing.

You might be surprised, but the liver actually plays a critical role in the health of your skin. The liver’s function is to eliminate the toxins present in the body. Such toxins can come from the processed food you eat from different travel destinations, alcohol you consume in hip party cities, or even from the water you drink in the various locations you’re visiting. 

If there are too many toxins present in your body. Your livers get overburdened. Thus, it recruits other parts of the body to help eliminate the toxins. The skin is another elimination organ, and it bridges the gap when livers get sluggish. Thus, causing the impurities to go out of your body through the epidermis, which is then reflected by the itchiness, irritation, dryness, flare-up, and premature aging symptoms you see on your skin.

Now, how does drinking more juice work? It’s no secret that fruit and vegetable juices charge the body with essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. With such an increase, the liver gets protected from oxidative stress and inflammation. Plus, it works effectively in eliminating toxins from the body without seeking help from the skin.

With that, drinking juice is genuinely beneficial in clearing the skin as it detoxifies the liver and aids in its function. Moreover, the skin can focus on repairing itself and use all nutrients to keep itself healthy rather than sharing the responsibility of eliminating toxins from the body.

So, skip spending hefty amounts on creams, moisturizers, serums, and concentrates. Instead, go to your kitchen and start tossing fresh fruits and vegetables into your juicer for healthier skin. Here are vital fruits and veggies you shouldn’t miss:

  • Beets: Packed with calcium, iron, vitamin A, C and K, this vegetable is one of the most effective in cleansing the liver and aids in repairing damaged cells.
  • Carrots: Loaded with vitamin A and serves as a natural oxidant, this veggie helps get better skin texture and smoothness, and combats free radicals that lead to skin aging.
  • Cucumber: Boasting high water content, and brimmed with vitamin B6, C, K, and calcium and magnesium. Cucumber juice is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated, glowing, and free from toxins.
  • Celery: An excellent source of silica, celery juice won’t only keep your skin, nails, and hair healthy. Plus, it also aids in balancing the alkalinity and detoxifying your body.
  • Pineapple: High in bromelain, the component helps in the easier detachment of skin dead skin cells, decreasing inflammation and healing the skin.
  • Kale: Easily one of the most nutritious vegetables around, Kale has high vitamin C, E, and K content, which helps skin look younger and healthier.

While drinking juice, indeed, provides enormous benefits for the skin. Remember that it isn’t magic. For juices to work optimally, make sure that you get proper sleep, less stress, regular exercise, and a healthy diet as all it works hand-in-hand for much better-looking and healthier skin.