Skincare Tips When You’re Travelling to Different Climates

When you’re traveling, your daily skincare routine gets interrupted. Not only that but you are also exposed to different environmental and weather conditions. In addition, you will also probably eat different kinds of food such as junk food and street foods. Well, all these factors can have effects on your skin when you’re traveling. That is why you should not put it on hold just because you’re on vacation. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to continue your skincare even when you’re traveling to different climates. 

  • Bring towelettes or facial wipes – If you do not want to bring along a facial cleanser or use the hotel provided, then your best option is pre-moistened facial wipes or makeup removing towelettes. You can put them in a ziplock bag and bring them anywhere with you while you’re traveling. Whether you’re in a car, bus, airplane, or sitting at the beach, you can always clean your face because facial wipes and towelettes are convenient. 
  • Bring a facial mist spray – A facial mist spray is a must-have for everyone who’s traveling. This will keep your skin refreshed and hydrated throughout your trip. This is great whether you’re in hot or cold climates because it can add moisture to your skin and keep it fresh all day long. 
  • Do not forget your facial cleanser – After a whole day of traveling, do not forget to wash your face and clean it using a facial cleanser. It makes sure that your skin is free from pollution, dirt, and impurities after a day of non-stop adventure. 
  • Bring a moisturizer – Having a good moisturizer with you can help you maintain your skin’s health, especially when you’re traveling to different places with different climates. Aside from keeping your skin hydrated, it also helps prevents breakouts and other skin issues. So before you board your flight and after a tiring day of traveling and adventure, do not forget to moisturize your skin because too much sun and even cold climates can be drying to your skin. 
  • Do not forget SPF – This is one of the skincare products you should not forget when traveling. Bringing good sunscreen goes a long way in taking care of your skin and maintaining its beauty. Do not forget to put some sunscreen on before you go out. 
  • Remember not to touch your face often – One of the reasons people have breakouts is that they often feel their face. When you’re traveling, you might touch or pick up some unknown bacteria that can cause different skin issues. That is why you should strictly abide by this rule when you are out and about. Remember always to wash your hands or bring an antibacterial hand sanitizer with you every time you go out.
  • Minimalize your makeup – As much as possible, lessen your makeup when you’re traveling. It’s better to stick with your daily SPF, lipstick, and day cream when you’re traveling to let your skin breathe. The changing weather conditions, as well as the location’s atmosphere, can cause your skin to break out.
  • Bring a good eye cream – If you’re the type of person who’s constantly battling with eye puffiness, then you must bring a good under-eye cream with you. In case you forgot it, you can use crushed ice wrapped in a clean washcloth and apply it to your eyes when you’re doing your skincare at night. This will help rejuvenate your eyes instantly. 
  • Bring some sheet masks – Sheet masks are easy to carry, and they will not take any extra space in your luggage. Sheet masks are great for your skin, and they can be a fantastic alternative to special creams and serums that you will miss when you’re traveling. 
  • Always try to get a good night’s sleep – Not having enough sleep can also affect your skin and make it prone to issues. That is why as much as possible, try to get a good night’s sleep while you’re traveling, especially if you want to look great in your vacation pictures.