Top Trending Design Themes for Master Bedrooms in 2023 and Beyond

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary and should, therefore, be a place of relaxation that is conducive to happiness and deep, uninterrupted sleep.

This does not, however, result in the necessity for bland, muted, and minimalistic décor and design features, so with this in mind, continue reading to learn of the top trending design themes for master bedrooms in 2023 and beyond.

Vintage-Inspired Patterns

For many years now, it has been the case that any showroom you take a look around will always have neutral and soft-colored carpets installed throughout, and this has been emulated by new-home owners around the country as a result.

These days, however, there has been a huge shift in the fashions for carpets and other flooring covers and now, if you search up Balham carpets and other reputable flooring suppliers, you will find vintage prints and varying patterns instead. Furthermore, vintage-inspired covers for cushions and footstools are also very much in keeping with this new trend.

Rattan Furniture Items

Natural materials are a sustainable way to decorate your bedroom and are also bang on-trend for this year, with a move towards more natural interior designs predicted to remain fashionable for many years to come.

Rattan makes for an exceedingly strong and durable (not to mention lightweight and versatile) choice for everything from chairs and dressing tables to storage ottomans and bedside tables, and also embraces a light, summery and “clean” feeling in the bedroom.

Bold Walls

Color and the maximalist movement in terms of interior design have experienced a huge surge this year, both in the minds and sketches of prominent high-end designers and high-street stores alike.

Applying this bright and bold color palette to your bedroom can sometimes feel a little out there, which is why a fantastic tip to embrace this trend (yet still feel as if your master bedroom is your own) is to paint the wall above your head when you sleep in a bold colour.

Aqua, turquoise, and teals are trending right now and if you are not shy about embracing this loud and proud trend, then why not go for it and introduce the other bold and trending colour – bright coral – as a contrast colour for the other three walls?

Outlandish Headboards

Following on from the bright and bold painted wall trend for master bedrooms, another trending change to the room’s aesthetic which is both striking and fashionable in equal measure is to choose an outlandish headboard.

A statement headboard (either in raised upholstery or intricately embroidered corners) will instantly make you feel more glamorous when lying in bed and will make for an Instagrammable picture each and every time.

Linen Sheets and Bedding

The final fashionable change to make to the décor and design of your master bedroom is solely related to your bedding and sheets.

Natural materials, such as linen as a perfect example, are trending in not only furniture, but bed sets too; so head to your nearest showroom and try out for yourself the cooling and soothing feel of 100% linen quilts and sheets.