Top Trends in Bathroom Interior Design and Décor

Your bathroom should be your oasis of calm within the home—even as a busy parent who often feels as if there are simply not enough hours in the day to successfully complete pressing professional duties with your various personal commitments.

Not only should your bathroom be conducive to relaxation and luxury, but you can also work to combine this with fashionable hardware and design, and to assist you in doing just that, here are the top five current trends in bathroom interior design and décor.

1. Checkerboard Tiling

The first current trend in the world of bathroom design is a striking addition to the space which will create a new, vibrant focal point.

Black and white checkerboard tiling—reminiscent of a shiny chessboard—makes for the ideal glamorous covering for the tiles around the shower and bathtub area or, if you would prefer, as a floor covering.

2. Striking Sinks

Another extremely popular choice to add color and excitement to an otherwise ordinary bathroom aesthetic is to change out your sink for a shiny, bright alternative.

Complete with metallic taps and other details, a bright turquoise, coral, or even orange sink is intensely fashionable in the minds and designs of experts and far more affordable than you may think.

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3. Wooden Finishes

Natural materials (in particular wooden finishes) and detailing are specifically effective in smaller bathrooms, whereby you can combine on-trend wooden open shelving units to create a fashionable look and to save valuable storage space.

Imagine a spa-like feel when you choose towels, flannels, and even accessories such as your toothbrush, and ensure that everything contributes to the overall feel of nature and the environment.

4. Pendant Lighting

If you currently still proudly display a dirty pull-cord to switch the bright, fluorescent overhead light on when you are using the bathroom, then it is most certainly time to do away with this and modernize.

Instead, choose a dimmer switch-controlled (with the dimmer switch itself installed just outside the bathroom door for electrical safety) pendant light, which can either hang from the ceiling or be situated in one corner: opposite the bath for a more atmospheric feel.

5. Japandi!

The fifth and final top trending bathroom design theme is that of Japandi, and if you have not previously heard of this beautiful and entirely modern framework, you have been missing out.

Essentially, Japandi is a stunning mix of warm Scandinavian design and the slats, sharp lines, and modern curves of Japanese architecture. Japandi can be applied in the bathroom with the addition of indoor plants that thrive in moist conditions and an emphasis on warm stone features.

In addition, a Japandi-style bathroom can also be achieved with calming and muted colors, tones, and shades on the walls; sleek and minimal displays with most toiletries out of sight in cabinets; low-level lighting; and large, fluffy, and beautifully smelling towels on a heated towel rail.