The Lady of Misrule

Lady of Misrule

“I saw her file it away: a good Catholic girl come to supervise her in her detention. Every girl in England now, under the circumstances, made sure to be a good Catholic girl. Except her, of course. And, if only she knew it, me.” Escorting ‘nine days queen’ Lady Jane Grey across the Tower of London from throne room into imprisonment is Elizabeth Tilney, who surprised even herself by volunteering for the job.  All Elizabeth knows is she’s keen to be away from home, she could do with some breathing space.  And anyway, it won’t be for long:  everyone knows…

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Portrait photo of Suzannah Dunn

About Suzannah

Launched in 1990 with her debut novel, Darker Days Than Usual, Suzannah Dunn wrote a further 5 critically acclaimed contemporary novels, and a short story collection, published by Flamingo, before writing her first historical novel, The Queen of Subtleties, which was published in 2004. She has since written a further three bestselling historical novels, The Sixth Wife, The Queen’s Sorrow and The Confession of Katherine Howard (a Richard & Judy pick in 2011). The May Bride is her new book….

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The Lady of Misrule with Suzannah Dunn at Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath

Posted on 8th August 2015

Lady of MisruleFriday 4th September – 8pm

Following the critical success of her sparkling historical and contemporary novels, Suzannah Dunn’s latest story, The Lady of Misrule, is told through the eyes of Elizabeth Tilney, the teenage girl who volunteered to act as companion

to doomed queen, Lady Jane Grey.

Knitting together historical detail with a lyrical sense of the everyday – the hormonal frustrations and tantrums of two teenage girls blend easily into a discussion of political and religious context – this is a powerful evocation of Jane’s final days.  The portrait that emerges is not, as school history lessons might lead us to believe, that of a victim, but of a passionate and complex leader.

Forget everthing you thought you knew about Lady Jane Grey and join Suzannah for an eye-opener on the crisis that gave England a ‘nine days queen’.

Venue: The Bookshop, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LS
Doors open: 7.45pm
Start time: 8pm

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